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For over four decades my clients and projects have varied widely. That breadth of experience and attention to detail has equipped me to handle projects with confidence and competence. It is my firm belief that history will leave its mark on your work while remaining contemporary.

Spanning two of those decades, I entered the craft of typesetting before being dragged into the age of the Apple.

I began dabbling with higher quality photography around 2002. Early in this process, the results were startling! It was encouraging to receive complimentary responses to my printed work. Almost immediately I harnessed the digital delights of Photoshop® and other third-party apps to carry out the goal of using exaggeration to cause the photo to communicate what I felt in viewing the origin scene. It was then that I described those results as “Finessed Photos.” Prints of these products are on an individual order basis for now. (email me)

Nearly fifteen years ago, while navigating a difficult life season, I crafted this poem that now serves as a poignant reminder and guideline for my writing. I entitled it “Whittled Words.”

Whittled words, fitly fashioned;
Hesitant but impassioned.
Breath of God, humble desire;
Touch these words with holy fire.

I am a wordsmith. Some of my friends know me as a punster. It is in that context that I have chosen a blog vehicle to display my gifts for other’s enjoyment.

david-portrait-oil-squareI trust you’ll find pleasure, and possibly need to utilize these gifts, after viewing the array of samples on this website.

Site designed and © 2017 by David Veliquette. All rights reserved.

(edited 6/29/2016)

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