Trumpeting a New Era

TRUMP = Candid
Obama = Charlatan
Clinton = Corrupt

My accompanying Facebook post:

Trump is undeniably a flawed man. But he is transparently candid. Clinton has been certifiably shown to be a liar and part of a corruption scheme (the Clinton Foundation). Obama lied about many things. But I have, on my own, with my expertise as a graphic designer, confirmed that his posted birth certificate is a fraud. Hopefully, both these characters will eventually be exposed. Being flawed (Trump) is one thing. I am. You are. Deceit is another. It begs for exposure. I pray for it. I’ve believed it from the beginning. As we used to say, “There’s something wrong in River City!”

I don’t think Trump is the answer for America. But I do believe that he is God’s man for now for America. God is my source. I survived in spite of Obama. I will thrive because of Jesus. But, our country is BASED on a God-given responsibility to become informed and to steward our involvement with the operation of this unique land of freedom. And that means I can broadcast my disagreement, exult with glee when the government, in my view, moves toward a more Godly path. And, at the same time, I can be deeply spiritual. In that process, I will disappoint, but I will never leave you wondering what I think!

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