This candid shot… among my first and favorite… snapped at my Uncle Elwood’s rose garden, situated in Woodside, California, elicited a new spelling, “beeutiful,” as most apt in describing these two rose sisters; tempting twin buzzing bees to a pollen party! It was a “beeutiful” day when this quartet of beauties compelled the capture of the succulent sight. The painting’s surrounding faux matte offers the simplicity and budget to hang the 3×2 proportioned canvas at up to 36×24 inches without the necessity of a frame. (Prices to follow.)


Customer: Your gorgeous piece of art captures the very essence of a fresh spring day with its crisp colors radiating off the canvas. The vivid detail is touchable and brings all who view it to a place of happiness and serenity. Thank you, David, for sharing your gift with me! — C.C., San Jose, California.

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